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Meet the Band

Dan Lederer

With a childhood influenced by the George Harrison, Emerson Lake and Palmer, BB King and Elton John, Dan began melding the odd-metered rock with melodic guitar. After touring in San Francisco with “Subject To Change” and “Zhaba”, the variety of jazz rock layered into bulgarian-influenced psychedelic rock. Dan is back to his native Western MA “hobbit world”, striving to create a musical experience that offers a listener a wild level of diverse listening.

Josh Powers

Josh started like many, in garage bands in high school. He was turned onto jazz fusion in the mid 70's, falling in love with music of Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever, Yes, and Weather Report. He began playing fretless bass after hearing Jaco in '76 and began the journey that brought him to Village Hill today, focused on multi-gennre fusion with complex harmonic/melodic contruction.

Gary Rzab

Gary found his drum roots in his early teenage years, finding joy in the ritualism of drums. He teaches drums in the valley area, along with a Rock-N-Roll music camp. He also maintains the drummers seat with Birds of Flame, Ellen Cogen Ensemble, Solo Mission.